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GNU General Public Licence, version 3 PG2PLplot is code intended to help the transition from Fortran code linked against PGPlot to linking it against PLplot. Reasons why one might want to make that transition is that the latter is open-source code and actively maintained, while the output looks better and can be obtained in more-modern formats. However, not everything that can be done with PGPlot can also be done with PLplot (yet). Examples that spring into mind are keeping an X-window open after the code finished, and interactively reading coordinates from an X-window.

After installation, you should typically do something like this to use your code containing PGPlot calls with PLplot:

    gfortran -lplplotf95d -lplplotf95cd -lpg2plplot code.f90 -o program

If you are using CMake, you can use FindPG2PLplot.cmake and CMakeLocations.cmake from CMakeFiles.

Currently, many PGPlot routines are included, but the code is by no means exhaustive. One-to-one translation is sometimes perfectly possible, sometimes difficult, and sometimes impossible. In the first case, the code should run without any problems (even though for instance the line style or pen colour may be somewhat different), in the second case an imperfect translation is silently done, in the third case the code will warn that no translation exists. The default installer uses CMake. The code has been used with gfortran (4.5 and newer), g95 and Intel Fortran and can be used under the conditions of version 3 of the GPL. PG2PLplot has been written by AstroFloyd and DrJoe.

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